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Author(s) DELFOUR, M.C. (ed.)
Title Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries
Publisher ?
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by L. Trabucho

The book Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries contains the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute and Séminaire de mathématiques supérieures on Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries held on Montréal, Canada, from June 25 through July 13, 1990.

The proceedings include 12 papers by some of the participants on the meeting. These are:

CHADAM, J - Free boundary problems in geochemistry (with an Appendix by R. RICCI)

DELFOUR, M.C. - Shape derivatives and differentiability of Min Max

FASANO, A. - Some free boundary problems with industrial applications

FORTIN, M. - Problèmes de surfaces fibres em mécanique des fluides

KOHN, R.V. - Numerical structural optimization via a relaxed formulation

PIRONNEAU, O. - Optimal shape design with applications to aerodynamics

PROMISLOV, K. and TEMAM, R. - Approximation and localization of attractors

SOKOLOVSKI, J. - Shape sensitivity analysis of variational inequalities

STAKGOLD, I. - Diffusion with strong absorption

VAZQUEZ, J.L. - An introduction to the theory of porous medium equation

VELAZQUEZ, J.J.L. - Asymptotic behaviour near extinction points for a semilinear equation with strong absorption

ZOLÉSIO, J.P. - Introduction to shape optimization problems and free boundary problems

Most of these papers are relatively self contained, well documented both with figures and with an extensive bibliography which makes it easier for those readers interested in improving their knowledge on the subject.

All the authors have made very important contributions on one or both of the topics of the conference and, consequently, it is a very interesting book showing the relationship between shape optimization and free boundary problems.