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Author(s) Devaney, Robert L.
Title An Introduction to Chaotic Dynamical Systems
Publisher Addison-Wesley
Year of publication 1989
Reviewed by Mihai Postolache

This book aims to give an exposition of the fundamentals of the Chaotic Dynamical Systems, a mathematical science that treats of the behaviour of non-linear systems from physics, biology, economics etc. Prof. Devaney presents a complete course in Dynamical Systems including elements of the One-Dimensional, Higher Dimensional and Complex Analytic Dynamics for applied mathematicians and researchers. Mastering of the text is aided by numerous examples and solutions of problems, the plotting of relevant figures. Separate sections are devoted to fundamental topics like that bifurcation theory, chaos, stability, periodic points.

The book has been published in two editions in U.S.A. The clarity of presentation and the succint treatment of the material make Prof. Devaney's book a very interesting handbook by all scientists interested in chaotic dynamical systems. The book is sufficiently selfcontained to allow independent study. However a knowledge of calculus, linear algebra and complex analysis is assumed.

In this book may be found relevant applications from biology, and physics. Also a comprehensive bibliography is given.

For its clarity and coverage, Chaotic Dynamical Systems is, probably, the best text for the undergraduate students in mathematics. I recommend this book written by a real expert to all the libraries (public and private).