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Author(s) Albeverio, S. (ed.)
Blanchard, Ph. (ed.)
Testard, D. (ed.)
Title Stochastics, Algebra and Analysis in Classical and Quantum Dynamics
Publisher Kluwer
Year of publication 1990
Reviewed by Viorica-Cerasela Postolache

Classical and Quantum Dynamics often arise in many fields of science and engineering like as analysis of mechanical structures, design, physics, chemistry and so on. This book will be of interest to workers in these fields.

This book has been written in order to include the Proceedings of the IVth French-German Encounter on Mathematics and Physics, CIRM, Marseille, France, February/March 1988. The book is accessible to a wide range of readers in classical and quantum dynamics. Providing original research papers and survey papers the book deals with dynamical systems applied in plasma physics, stochastic analysis, Hamiltonian systems, simulation and diffusion. Applications from medicine (epidemiology) and differential geometry (infinite dimensional manifolds) are given. The papers are presented in their full length, referred and including complete proofs.

The book is well produced and includes a lot of figures, in order to illustrate the ideas and formulae. There exists a table of index.

Generally, the presentation is rigorous and reflects the experience of the authors in the research work. The authors aim to present new researchers in classical and quantum dynamics to applied mathematicians, physicists interested in these topics. Since dynamics is also relevant in engineering as well as various life and social sciences, I expect that this book will be of interest to workers in these fields. Also I recommend this collections of papers to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students in physics, medicine, engineering and mathematics. A knowledge of calculus is assumed.