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Author(s) Neimark, Yu.I.
Landa, P.S.
Title Stochastic and Chaotic Oscillations
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Dimitar Vandev

The aim of this book is to present an overview of real dynamical system with chaotic behavior. Since few years, the chaotic dynamics has become a favor choice for many authors what leaded to sudden and "explosive" growth of the number of the publications. However, many of the Russian authors remained unknown and their results rediscovered.

The authors have valuable contribution to the field. For example Yu.I. Neimark has published a book named: "Method of maps in the nonlinear oscillation theory", 1972, Ed. Nauka, Moscow, as well as many other articles.

In this book authors concentrate mainly on dissipative systems and use extensively the method of point mappings and different statistical methods (like spectral analysis) to study the behavior of many dynamical systems appearing in mechanical engineering, physics, biology etc.

A special attention is given to the work of scientists in the former Soviet Union and this will be (I hope) the most interesting aspect of the presentation. Also, most of the cited articles have been originally published in Russian and their results appear now in English for first time. Thus the English speaking reader has finally the chance for a acquaintance with the contributions of many authors. Beside mathematicians the book will be of great use for anyone who is interested in chaotic oscillations.

There is a list of 703 references and index. The book seems too expensive to be personally owned but I hope it will be available in most of the libraries of scientific institutions.