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Author(s) Kisielewicz, Michal
Title Differential inclusions and optimal control
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1991
Reviewed by Vasile Postolica

Taking into account the great interest of scientists in optimal control systems described by functional-differential equations which lead to functional-differential inclusions, the author devotes his efforts in the present book to the investigation of the properties and applications for neutral functional-differential inclusions of the form <formula>. This textbook has been written starting from basic results of topology, functional analysis, vector measure theory and elements of the fundamental theory of set-valued maps containing in Chapter I and in Chapter II, in order to use these considerations for the properties of subtrajectory and trajectory integrals of set-valued functions depending on parameters (Chapter III) and for the neutral functional-differential inclusions with several applications (Chapter IV and Chapter V). In the last two chapters the author indicates also applications of systems described by neutral functional-differential equations in the optimal control theory. The book ends with a selected bibliography and an index of concepts. Being written under the guidance of Professor Stefan Rolewicz, valuable research also in the field treated in the book, we hope that this present monograph will be very useful for students and all the specialists interested in optimal control and its applications.