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Author(s) Teo, K.L.
Goh, C.J.
Wong, K.H.
Title A unified computational approach to optimal control problems
Publisher Longman Scientific & Technical
Year of publication 0
Reviewed by Vasile Postolica

This book is meant as an excellent work on optimal control theory from the viewpoints of computation and applications, starting from the computational algorithms concerning with the control parametrization. This concept is considered by the authors as a basis for solving numerically usual optimal control problems in a unified fashion. The book is a remarkable reference text in control and optimization based on the experience of the authors together with their colleagues and students, during many years and on a substantial bibliography. It can be used as a reference text for research scientists or engineers because it contains also various examples drawn from many fields of science and engineering on optimal control and as a text book for a course at the senior undergraduate or graduate levels. As an integral part of the book, we find worked examples and exercises included also to popularize the control parametrization technique for solving optimal control problems. These exercises and the illustrative examples enable the research scientists, engineers and students to better understand the control problems and the implications of the optimatization in the others areas of mathematics