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Author(s) Gómez, S. (ed.)
Hennart, J.-P. (ed.)
Title Advances in optimization and numerical Analysis
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1994
Reviewed by Gh. Toader

The book is a collection of eighteen papers presented at the Sixth Workshop on Optimization and Numerical Analysis which was organised by the Numerical Analysis Department at the Institute of Research in Applied Mathematics of the National University of Mexico in collaboration with the Mathematical Sciences Department at Rice University, in January 1992 in the City of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Let us give an arbitrary selection of papers from the contents: D. Goldfarb, On the complexity of the simplex method; P.M. Pardalos, The linear complementarity problem; M.L. Overton, Towards second-order methods for structured nonsmooth optimization; L.T. Watson, Homotopy methods in control system design and analysis; J.F. Rosenblueth, How to properly relax delayed controls; L.H. Juárez, P. Saavedra and M. Salazar, Computational study of a free-boundary model; M. Levet and M. Telias, Numerical approximation to a class of weakly singular integral operators.

The book is a very useful source of information with many valuable suggestions for all researchers that work in the field of optimization and numerical analysis.