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Author(s) Agarwal, R.P.
Wong, P.J.Y.
Title Error inequalities in polynomial interpolation and their applications
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Gh. Toader

This monograph is devoted to the study of interpolating problems. It deals with Lidstone, Hermite, Abel-Gontscharoff, Birkhoff, spline and other types of interpolation. For each of these problems, it offers explicit representations of the interpolating polynomials and of the associated error function, as well as explicit error inequalities in various norms. Many numerical illustrations and applications in the theory of ordinary differential equations are given.

The list of references contains more than 150 titles, almost a quarter of them belonging to the authors of this work, which can be considered as a cumulation of their research in this field.

The book will be useful to numerical analysts, computer scientists and applied mathematicians. Certainly it will became a basic reference on this subject.