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Author(s) Lewins, J. (ed.)
Becker, M. (ed.)
Title Advances in nuclear science and technology, Vol. 20
Publisher Plenum Press
Year of publication 1988
Reviewed by Heinz Ulbricht

The present volume of the series contains contributions on two-phase flow, fuel cycle optimization, integral fast reactor and indoor radon.

R.T. Lahey, Jr. and D.A. Drew present a concise development of three-dimensional time and volume averaged conservation equations of two-phase flow. The work is essential to the understanding of normal and accidental behavior in water-cooled reactors.

The second review by Thomas J. Downar and Alexander Sesonske, of light water reactor fuel modelling, emphasises a current major economic interest: how to get the most out of fuel. Possibilities of optimization are treated in detail.

In the third contribution Charles E. Till and Yoon I. Chang develop original ideas for overcoming the economic barriers in the integral fast reactor. Passive inherent safety, fuel cycle closure, operability an reliability are topics of their review.

In the final paper Maurice A. Robkin and David Bodansky provide an overview of the indoor radon situation. A comparison of radon doses from other sources is given. This work is also important for public and medical board.

The volume was produced from camera ready material. There are references to each paper and a good subject index.

The book is useful for nuclear engineers and special scientists. It should be at hand in relevant libraries.