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Author(s) Feistel, R.
Ebeling, W.
Title Evolution of complex systems, Selforganisation, entropy and development
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1989
Reviewed by Heinz Ulbricht

The evolution concept influenced practically all branches of science and gave a new dynamical view of the world instead of the old static building. In the present book evolution is tackled with the methods of selforganization theory, i.e. evolving systems are described as systems far from thermodynamic equilibrium. In spite of a concise representation the authors reached a good combination between the theoretical basis and concrete applications.

After a short general introduction oscillations and chaos in mechanical, electrical, chemical and biological systems are treated. Thermodynamical aspects, formation of spatial structures and a short review on sequences, information and language are topics of chapters 5, 6 and 7. The last part of the book is dedicated the evolution of special systems e.g. simple selfreproducing systems, Lotka-Volterra type systems, discrete occupation spaces and developmental systems.

There are many other books on this modern field, but the speciality of the present volume ist the good combination of physical ideas with adequate mathematics.

There are an extensive list of references. The subject index is not so long but adequate to the contents. The book is well produced. It is useful for specialists and students and should be at hand in relevant libraries.