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Author(s) Hoekzema, D.J.
Title The quantum labyrinth
Publisher Kluwer A.P
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Balan Vladimir

The volume deals with the question whether quantum mechanics can provide a picture of physical reality. The author investigates this question from physical, philosophical, and logical perspectives on the basis of modern views on measurement and open quantum systems. By developing a formalization of the concept of a "context" within a modularized version of modal logic, are found new ways of respecting the rules of classical logic in quantum mechanics. Also, outside quantum theory, are given various applications of this formalization. A "contextual quantum process theory" is presented as a general framework for further interpretation; several such interpretations are outlined. A special chapter is devoted to a manifestly covariant relativistic interpretation in terms of "quantum events".

The attractive discursive style, the examples, recommended literature at the end of each chapter and an index of notions transform the book into a real treatise of quantum mechanics and comparative metaphysics.

The volume addresses to experts in quantum theory, but can be of considerable interest for a wider readership of physicists, philosophers and logicians; it represents a beneficial investment.