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Author(s) Cohen, Arjeh M. (ed.)
Title Computer Algebra in Industry. Problem Solving in Practice
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Ilie Parpucea

This book is the outgrowth of the proceedings of the SCAFI'91 Seminar which was held in December 1992 at Amsterdam. This volume contains about ten case studies of computer algebra applications in industry. The papers begin with a description of the problem followed by the mathematical model in which the problem will be studied. Next, the papers describe the method chosen for obtaining a mathematical solution and discuss the computer algebra involved.

The book is a good reclame for symbolic computational software (Maple, Mathematica, Reduce). The authors take the existence of computer algebra packages for granted and work with them to obtain results on problems coming from industrial research. The majority examples use the package Maple.

This book is an attempt to provide a convincing answer to the question "How can computer algebra be of use ?" by treating various cases in which computer algebra did play an interesting role.

Reading from this book, the readers will be enticed into trying out the benefits of computer algebra.

This is a valuable book which most teachers of computer algebra would like to have within reach.