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Author(s) Ruhe, Gunther
Title Algorithmic Aspects of Flows in Networks
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1991
Reviewed by Z. Kása

This book is recommended to researchers and graduate students who are interested in mathematical programming and network modelling, not only from a practical view, but also from a theoretical one.

The book, after a preliminary presentation of fundamental concepts in graph theory, algorithms and complexity, presents the following chapters: Maximum flows, Minimum-cost flow problems, Generalized networks, Multicriteria flows, Parametric flows (including fuzzy network flows), Detecting network structure, Solution of network flow problems with additional contraints.

To facilitate the guidance in the subjects, the book contains a list of algorithms and one of problems. To find an algorithm or a problem one must subtract 4 from the number indicated in the list. The page numbers in the Index are rights. The references list has more than five hundred entries.

Algorithms are written in a very clear, Pascal-like pseudocode language. A lot of examples helps the reader to understand the concepts and algorithms traited.