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Author(s) Sernesi, Edoardo
Title Linear Algebra - A geometric approach
Publisher Chapman & Hall
Year of publication 0
Reviewed by Daniel Vacaretu

This is an undergraduate textbook written primarily for mathematical students.

Adopting a geometric approach, the text develops linear algebra alongside affine and Euclidean geometry, in such a way as to emphasize their close relationship and the geometric motivation.

The text is divided into two parts: Part One: Affine Geometry, introduces linear algebra: vectors and vector spaces, matrices systems of linear equations, rank, determinants, affine-spaces, linear maps, transformation groups. The Second Part: Euclidean Geometry, contains bilinear and quadratic forms scalar product, vector product, unitary operators and isometrics, the complex case.

Each chapter contains a lot of examples and it is ending with many exercises. Many of the exercises appearing at the end of each chapter have solutions at the end of the book.

We can conclude that, the author, Professor of Geometry at La Sapienza, Rome, has written a very good textbook which covers the topics usually contained in a first course on linear algebra and geometry.