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Author(s) Havner, K.S.
Title Finite Plastic Deformation of Crystalline Solids
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Vasile Postolica

Starting from his investigations concerning with the applications of mathematical theories in the experimental studies of plastic behaviour of crystalline materials, the author has written this book having in view to achieve a contemporary work in the above field.

After a historical introduction in the domain, we find in the book Chapter 2 entitled "The kinematics of Double Slip" consisting of considerations on general solutions for material line and plance, deformation gradient and axis rotation and cones of unstretched material lines. A general theory of elastoplastic crystals may be found in Chapter 3, followed in Chapter 4 by axial-load experiments and latent hardening in single crystals. We find also an interesting analysis of crystals in channel die compression in Chapter 5. Theoretical connections between crystal and aggregate behaviour are treated in Chapter 6.

Chapter 7 consists in a survey on approximate polycrystal models from 1938 to 1990. The Appendix contains the general theory of work-conjugate stress and strain.

Based on a substantial bibliography and the original results obtained by the author in the domain of crystalline plasticity, this well written book is a valuable contribution in the field and an important source of information not only for the researchers.