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Author(s) Vidal-Naquet, Guy
Choquet-Geniet, Annie
Title Reseaux de Petri et systemes paralleles
Publisher Armand Colin
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Doina Tatar

Among the various tools allowing the representation of concurrent processes, Petri nets can be distinguished by their wide use and the practical and theoretical results they yield. This book presents an general approach for some sorts of judgements about nets.

A nice aspect of Petri nets (PN) is that they can be represented graphically (chap. 2). In this part is presented the basic model of PN, such that "places-transitions", and the static or dynamic properties of parallel processes. The properties of the sets of states (chap. 3) and the analysis by linear algebra (chap. 4) are presented. The classes of PN for which can be determinated the evolution (chap. 5) and an extension of PN, the PN with the colour, (chap.6) are pertinently introduced. The utilisation of PN in the processes control is the subject of chap. 7 and 8.

The authors of this book are teachers and the clarity of explanation is top quality. All those interested in asynchronous and concurrent processes modeled by Petri nets, and that should be most that are active in present computer science, are advised to purchase this volume. For the interested students, this book is peremptorily recomended.