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Author(s) Novac, Vilem (ed.)
Ramic, Jaroslav (ed.)
Mares, Milan (ed.)
Cherny, Martin (ed.)
Necola, Jiri (ed.)
Title Fuzzy approach to reasoning and decision making
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Doina Tatar

This volume presents selected papers of the International Symposium held at Bechyne, Czechoslovakia, 25-29 June 1990, organized by the Working group for Fuzzy sets and Systems. It contains the most valuable and interesting papers presented, from more than 50. They were focused mainly to the two fields of interest: theoretical background of fuzzy logic (Part I of Aproximate reasoning and fuzzy logic) and fuzzy approaches to modelling of decision-making situations under uncertainty (Part II and III: Decision making and Applications in Physics)

Let us list the 18 papers and their authors: "The semantic of if..then rules" by D. Dubois and H. Prade, "On the logical basis of aproximate reasoning" by V. Novak, "Fuzzy logic with linguistic quantifiers in inductive learning" by J. Kackprzyk and C. Iwanski, "Fuzzy local inference in fuzzy fuzzy knowledge bases" by H. Bandemer, "Fuzzy relational products in knowledge engineering" by L. Kohout and W. Bandler, "Expert system shell SAK" by P. Berka, J. Ferjencik and J. Ivanek, "Multimodel representation and management of uncertainty" by G.J. Klir.

In part II selected the following papers: "Triangular norms and some applications" by D. Butnaru and E. Klement, "Linear dependence of fuzzy vectors" by M. Mares, "LP problems with inexact and interactive coefficients" by J. Ramik, "A Concept of optimality for fuzzified linear programming" by M. Kovacs, "The possibilities of fuzzy dialogue in interactive vector optimisation" by M. Cerny, "On the nature of intransitivity in human preferential judgements" by K. Nakamura, "Aggregation of strict preference relations" by J. Fodor and M. Roubens, "Clustering in Banach spaces" by J. Bezdek.

In part III are presented the papers: "On the structure of fuzzy observables" by A. Kolesarova, "General fuzzy observables" by R. Mesiar and "0n a fuzzy approach to Quantum mchanics" by B. Riecan.

This book is a good ilustration of present state in the domain of Fuzzy systems and applications, and it will be of use for all specialists interested in this field. Purchasing it is a good investement for individuals and libraries alike.