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Author(s) Ayyub, B.M. (ed.)
Gupta, M.M. (ed.)
Kanal, L.N. (ed.)
Title Analysis and Management of Uncertainty. Theory and Applications.
Publisher North-Holland
Year of publication 1992

This multy-authored book contains 30 articles describing the mathematical structures in civil engineering, and presents expanded versions of papers from First International Symposium on Uncertainty Modelling and Analysis, University of Maryland in December 1990. In spite of the fact that there are 51 authors, the book is well-organized. The information readily for reader because there is the subject index.

Mathematical models of the real processes of the nature are determinate as a rule. However, the world around us is governed by the laws of uncertainty. It turns out that such laws exist in fact. At the present time the new branches of mathematics are created for the description of the uncertainty. For example, the fuzzy sets theory gives very useful tool for analysing the uncertainty.

The book under review presents these ideas. One has three parts. The first part, Uncertainty: Theoretical Basis (8 articles), is devoted to the discussions of the models the uncertainty. The second part, Expert systems and Neuronal Structures (10 articles), describes the management of uncertainty in expert systems and neuronal networks. The third part, Applications to Engineering Systems (12 articles), supplies the deep applications of uncertainties theories arising from engineering structures.

The level is the researcher book. Gathering the new developments in perceptions of uncertainty, information and fuzzy logic, Analysis and Managment of Uncertainty, is a book of much current interest for applied mathematicians, scientists, engineers, students, and research libraries alike. For the real specialists that look to me like a reasonable or even good, investment.