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Author(s) King, P.R. (ed.)
Title The Mathematics of Oil Recovery
Publisher Clarendon Press
Year of publication 1992

This volume is the proceedings of the First European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery organized by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications in association with the Society of Petroleum Engineers and held at Robinson College, Cambridge in July 1989. The book contains 46 papers. Host of them are lasting value and provide a good introduction to their subject. An interdisciplinary group of researchers reports their developments. The statistical description of the porous medium geological environment at various length scales, the derivation of the appropriate spatially averaged equations of motion for multiphase displacement processes, and the solution of the resulting partial differential equations by numerical methods are the three main mathematical directions which are elucidated in the book under review.

Fine illustrations (some of them are colour) constitute a wealth of information. The level is a researcher book.

The Mathematics of Oil Recovery is suitable for applied mathematicians, industrial scientists, engineers, graduate students and it is worthwhile to buy one for them. The purchase of this monograph is good investment to library alike.