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Author(s) Narasimhan, Mysore N.L.
Title Principles of Continuum Mechanics
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Year of publication 1993

This work describes the fundamental principles, problems, and methods of continuum mechanics. The first half of the book is centered around the mathematical foudations for continuum theory. The second half is devoted to the fundamental mathematical models which are utilized to describe the real continuum mechanical systems. The contents of the book can be summarized as follows.

Chapter 1, Basic Concepts of the Theory of Continuous Media, is devoted to the original standpoints of the continuum framework. Chapter 2, Tensor Algebra, presents fundamental algebraic concepts indispensable for employment in total mechanics. Chapter 3, Tensor Calculus, is concerned with the notion of the derivative of the tensor fields needed for the construction of the models in continuous media mechanics. Chapter 4, Kinematics of Deformation, contains a derivation of the kinematics of solids and fluids using the framework of Eulerian and Lagrangian descriptions. Chapter 5, The Stress Concept and the Thermomechanical Balance Laws, is studied the global and local balance laws. Chapter 6, A Thermodynamics Approach to Constitutive Equations of Simple Materials, is elucidated the energy, entropy, thermodynamics of continuous media which are fundamentals in this field. Chapter 7, Selected Topics in Linear Elasticity Theory, deals with the linear elasticity theory and its applications. Chapter 8, Selected Topics in Fluid Mechanics, supplies the deep results on fluid mechanics and viscous flows as well as some problems have been solved completely. Chapter 9, Special Theories of Generalized Continua, related to the some modern problems in this field, more presicely, the generalized continua is considered. Chapter 1O, A Continuum Model for Liquid Crystals, describes the applications of the micropolar theory to the field of liquid crystals.

Exercises at the book give very useful tools for the mastering in the field.

Principles of Continuum mechanics is an attractive, well-written tutorial. There are wide range of consumers of the material presented in the book under review. The book is suitable for students, researchers in mechanics, mechanical engineering, and its purchase is a good investment. The libraries have to have this remarkable text-book.