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Author(s) Helson, H. (ed.)
Title Special classes of linear operators and other topi - 11th Internat. Conference on Operator Theory, Bucharest (Romania), June 2-June 12, 1986
Publisher Birkhäuser
Year of publication 1988
Reviewed by Alexandru Lupas

This volume contains refereed versions of twenty-two papers presented at the "International Conference on Operator Theory" held at Bucharest in June, 1986. Its pages reveal the breadth of current research in the field of operator theory. This volume does provide a good reference to the current state of the art and no self-respecting functional analyst should be without access to these Proceedings.

Contributions: M. Borogovac and H. Langer, A characterization of generalized zeros of negative type of matrix functions of the class <formula>; P. Bruinsma, A. Dijksma and H. de Snoo, Unitary dilations of contractions in <formula>-spaces; B. Chevreau and C. Pearcy, On Sheung's theorem in the theory of dual operator algebras; R.G. Douglas, On Silov resolution of Hilbert modules; E. Durszt, On defect functions of contractions; K.-H. Förster and B. Nagy, On the local spectral theory of positive operators; A. Ganchev, W. Greenberg and C.V.M. van der Mee, Perturbation analysis of analytic bisemigroups and applications to linear transport theory; M.S. Goldstein and G.Ya. Grabarnic, Almost sure convergence theorems in van Neumann algebras; H. Helson and K.D. Merrill, Cocycles on the circle, II; D.A. Herrero, An essay on quasitriangularity; R. Janz, Holomorphic families of subspaces of a Banach space; L. Kérchy, On a conjecture of Teodorescu and Vasyunin; P.R. Masani, On conditional homomorphisms and semi-norms on Banach groups and the unification of operator theory and measure theory; A. McIntosh, A. Pryde and W. Ricker, Estimates for solutions of the operator equation <formula>; M.M. Neumann, Decomposable operators and generalized intertwining linear transformations; J.A. Packer, Flow equivalence for dynamical systems and the corresponding C*-algebras; J. Peters, Connections between topological dynamics and operator algebras; M. Putinar, Extreme hyponormal operators; M. Salinas, The Grassmann manifold of a C*-algebra, and hermitian holomorphic bundles; I. Suciu, Operatorial extrapolations and prediction; M. Wollenberg, On smooth asymptotic constants for the Poincaré group, II, M. Zajac, Hyperinvariant subspaces of weak contractions, II.