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Author(s) Panik, M.J.
Title Fundamentals of convex analysis. Duality, separation, representation and resolution
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Gh. Toader

This book offers to students of economics, management science, engineering and mathematics some of the fundamental themes of convex analysis such as: convex sets, separating and supporting hyperplanes, convex cones, dual systems, extreme points, fixed points. The exposition goes from the basic notions up to the main results such as are the theorems of Helly, Berge, Carathéodory, Farkas, Gale, Minkowski, Weyl, Tucker, Brouwer, a.s.o.

Being well written, self-contained and giving exercises at the end of each chapter, the book is recommended to students, teachers and libraries.