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Author(s) Hörnlein, H.R.E.M. (ed.)
Schittkowski, K. (ed.)
Title Software Systems for Structural Optimization
Publisher Birkhäuser Verlag
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Ilie Parpucea

The basic intention of this book is to collect information on some well-known structural design optimization systems using an FEM analysis. The finite element method (FEM) has been used successfully for many years to simulate and analyse mechanical structural problems. In recent years more and more finite element based analysis systems were extended and offer now optimization models. To give the participants, to COMETT-Seminars on Computer Aided Optimal Design, an impression on the performance of optimization software, part of each seminar was organized in form of a workshop, where developers of commercial and academic software presented their systems in form of lectures and computer demonstrations. An introduction into the basic mathematical model, the structural optimization problem, is presented in the first chapter. Also the importance of model formulation is motivated and outlined. In the second chapter the authors present also a very brief introduction into the mathematical optimization theory.

The papers, of book, are organised in the following way:

- General outline and scope of the system

- Optimization model

- FEM techniques

- Sensitivity analysis

- Software organization

- Applications and examples.

The book is directed to engineers, mathematicians and scientific staff members who want to become familiar with modern procedures of structural optimization. The collected papers are mainly addressed to mechanical and civil engineering, but the underlying concepts of mathematical programming are useful in other disciplines as well. Basic knowledge of discretization methods (FEM) and matrix algebra is desirable.

The book also may be of interest for insiders and decision makers who want to be informed about new trends and the latest developments of software for their own needs.