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Author(s) Nivat, Maurice (ed.)
Podelski, Andreas (ed.)
Title Tree Automata and Languages
Publisher Elsevier Science Publishers
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Ilie Parpucea

This volume is intended to present a variety of different approaches, theories and concepts about Tree Languages and Tree Automata. The book, a collection of papers, is useful for everyone interested in the theory of tree languages as it covers most of the recent questions which are not treated in the very few rather old standard books on the subject. The point of view adopted here is to put emphasis on the properties themselves and their rigorous mathematical exposition rather than on the many possible applications. This volume is a useful course of concepts and methods which may be applied successfully in many situations; its philosophy is very close to the whole philosophy of the ESPRIT Basic Research Actions and to that of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science. Among the main themes of papers are the combinatorial and algebraic properties of words and trees, sets of words and sets of trees and the main devices to define such sets, which are called automata.

The book is a remarkable picture of how powerfully Tree Automato and Languages has developed in last years.

The authors of papers of book are well-known researchers in the field of Trees Theory.

This book is a valuable collection of papers which most teachers and researchers of Tree Automata and Languages would like to have within reach.