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Author(s) Spigler, R. (ed.)
Title Applied and Industrial Mathematics
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1991
Reviewed by Teodor TOADERE

In this volume are published some of the papers presented at the symposium "Venice-1 / Symposium on Applied and Industrial Mathematics" held in Venice, Italy between 2 and 6 October, 1989. The volume is structured on two parts: Invited Papers and Selected Contributed Papers. The articles cover the following fields: Probabilistic Methods in Applied Mathematics, Control and Optimization, Mathematical Modelling in Fluid Mechanics, Nonlinear Waves, Wave Propagation in Random Media, Transport Phenomena, Inverse Problems in the Applied Sciences, Mathematical Modelling of Industrial Problems.

The invited contributors are: C. Cetcignani, A. Chorin, Feng Kang, C.W. Gear, J.B. Keller, P.D. Lax, J.L. Lions, V.P. Maslov, S.K. Mitter, H. Neunzert, J.R. Ockendon, M. Primicerio, M. Pulvirenti, A. Quarteroni, S. Rionero.

The volume is useful for mathematicians, physicists and engineers, whose work involves the application of mathematics to industrial problems.

The book is written in good English and the terminology is used correctly.

Having both an author index and a subject index, it is very easy to find any needed information from the text.