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Author(s) Walukiewicz, S.
Title Integer Programing
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1991
Reviewed by Teodor TOADERE

The book shows in a unified way proved results (some of them being recent) regarding the integer programming problem.

There are given different forms of the integer optimization problem and are shown transformation possibilities from one form into another (transformation to binary problems; linearization of the nonlinear problems; constraint aggregation; optimization problems in finite sets, relaxation of integer programming problems).

Integer optimization problem solving methods are given also (cutting-plan, branch-and-bound, near-optimal) and problems which may be solved as integer optimization problem (the knapsack problem, the cutting-stock problem, the capacitated plant location problem, the assignment problem, the travelling salesman problem, the quadratic assignment problem, parking, partitioning and covering problems) are also discussed.

There are shown the most known algorithms for solving the linear optimization problem (simplex, dual simplex and the ellipsoid algorithms).

As shown in the preface, the book is an extension of author's lectures and it is designed as a textbook for a one or two semester course at a department of operations research, management science or industrial administration.

The book is organized in 10 chapters. With the exception of the last, each chapter is followed by some bibliographic notes and exercises. At the end of the book there is a bibliography with many titles and an index, both very useful.

The presented algorithms are described in a very accesible way, which permits the easy writing of computer programs based on these algorithms. We have also their theoretical foundations.

For all these reasons, we consider that the book is well suited for both specialists and students.