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Author(s) Kaper, Hans G. (ed.)
Garbey, Marc (ed.)
Title Asymptotic and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations with Critical Parameters
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Mihai Postolache

Engineering mathematics, as a branch of applied mathematics, is relevant in various fields of activity such that: structural mechanics and dynamics, applied physics and chemistry, image processing using the computer, large scale computations etc. This book is a collection of essays on engineering mathematics and will be of interest to workers in these fields.

This volume provide the proceedings of the NATO Workshop on Asymptotic-Induced Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Critical Parameters and Domain Decomposition held in France (Beaune), May 25-28, 1992. The book exhibits the proceedings papers in their full length form, with proofs and references from the following topics: modelling of complex systems, domain decomposition methods, problems in scientific computing, applied and asymptotic analysis, numerical methods, algorithms etc. Also, the book includes a table of contents, a table of subject index and many pictures which illustrate the ideas and the formulae. This postgraduate-level book contains works which emphasize connections with subtopics from plasma physics, aerodynamics, structural analysis, computers, diffusion processes, approximation theory and so on.

The book reflects the experience of the authors in the research work. Providing original top quality contributions, this very well produced volume is a valuable tool for numerical analysts, computer scientists, physicists, mathematically inclined engineers. Some subtopics are accessible to undergraduate students in mathematics and engineering. This book is a good investment for the libraries of the mathematical institutes and colleges. Reading calls for acquaintance with the elements of calculus, computers, numerical analysis and computer graphics.

I strongly recommend the book to all scientists seriously interested in the study of the asymptotic and numerical methods for partial differential equations with critical parameters, because this book provides a comprehensive exploration into these interesting topics.