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Author(s) Oziewicz, Z (ed.)
Jancewicz, B. (ed.)
Borowiec, A. (ed.)
Title Spinors, twistors, Clifford algebras and quantum deformations
Publisher Kluwer Acad. Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Balan Vladimir

The volume contains more than 45 lectures and communications given at the Second Max Born Symposium organized by the University of Wroclaw in Poland in September 1992, and is dedicated to Prof. Jan Rzewuski, remarkable pioneer and teacher in the field.

The contributions are various and authoritative, and provide an excellent review of recent developments in the given domains; they embrace the following topics: spin structures; the interrelations between Cartan's and Chevalley's theory of spinors, Clifford algebras and particle models; the interrelations between twistors, supersymmetry and phase spaces; quantum deformations; noncommutative Hopf algebras; noncommutative calculus and its applications in electrodynamics and in gauge theory; deformed Clifford algebras and Z3-graded algebras, etc.

The book is printed on acid-free paper; hardbounded.

The discursive way of presentation, the appropriate references at the end of each lecture, and the fiat of participants transform the volume into a useful aid for researchers and graduate students in mathematical and theoretical physics. It represents a beneficial aquisition for individuals, as well as for libraries.