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Author(s) Kevorkin, J.
Title Partial differential equations
Publisher Wadsworth
Year of publication 1990
Reviewed by Ioan A. Rus

The subtitle of the book under review is Analytical solution techniques.

The book is a text for a two-semester sequence of courses in Partial differential equations. It offers an introduction to the classical theory of Partial differential equations.

The chapter of the book are the following: The diffusion equation (heat conduction, fundamental solution, Green's functions, Burgers' equation), Laplace's equation (origins of, fundamental solution, Green's functions, Neumann's functions), The wave equation (the vibrating string, compressible flow, fundamental solution, Green's functions, examples in Acoustics and Aerodynamics), Linear second-order equations with two independent variables, Quasilinear first-order equations, Nonlinear first-order equations (geometrical optics, Hamilton-Jacobi equation), Quasilinear hyperbolic systems, Perturbation solutions. Each chapter contains the sections Problems and References. For those who need specific bits of information there is an adequate index which consists of 9 pages.

I recommend this text book to anyone who is interested in Partial differential equations.