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Author(s) Buckmaster, J.D. (ed.)
Takeno, T. (ed.)
Title Mathematical Modeling in Combustion Science
Publisher Springer-Verlag
Year of publication 1988
Reviewed by Vasile Postolica

This book contains the Proceedings of the workshop on "Mathematical Modeling in Combustion Science" organized in Juneau, Alaska in 1987 as a consequence of US/Japan Cooperative Science Program, jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and the Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science.

The contributions of Japanese and Americal combustion scientists are devoted to mathematical modeling in the following areas: high Mach number combustion, complex chemistry and physics and flame modeling in small scale turbulent flow combustion.

The contents are: A.K. Kalila, "Shock-Initiation of a Plane Detonation Wave", S. Tsuge, H. Kohmoto, "Effects of Preignition Fluctuation Growth on Reducing the Induction Period", D.S. Stewart, J.B. Bdzil, "A Lecture on Detonation-Shock Dynamics" (Chapter I). T. Niioka, "Asymptotic Analysis of Branched-Chain Ignition in the Countroflow Field", F.A. Williams, "Asymptotic Methods for Flames with Detailed Chemistry", A. Umemura, "Unsteady Transition from Sub- to Supercritical Evaporation Regime", D.W. Mikolaitis, "High Temperature Extinction of Premixed Flames", T. Mitani, "A Model for Lower Deflagration Limit and Buring Rate of Catalyzed Ammonium Perchrolate" (Chapter II). S. Ishizuka, "An Experimental Study of Tubular Flames in Rotating and Non-Rotating Stretched Flow Fields", T. Takeno, M. Nishioka, S. Ishizuka, "Buring Velocity of Stretched Flames", J. Buckmaster, R.E. Johnson, "Convection Effects and the Stability of Hydrogen Flame Bubbles", A. Yoshida, "Characterization of Turbulent Premixed Flame Structure for Mathematical Modeling of Combution", M. Matalon, "The Stability of Weakly Stretched Flames", C.K. Law, "Extinction of Counterflow Diffusion Flames with Branching-Termination Chain Mechanisms: Theory and Experiment" (Chapter III). In "Discussion Sessions" we find: J. Buckmaster, "Some Workshop Topics", F.A. Williams "Asymptotic Approach to Analysis of Propellant Combustion", M. Matalon, "Onset of Instability in a Spherical Growing Flame" and N. Kubota "Mg/TF Propellant Combustion".

In our opinion the book is an indispensable source of information for all researchers in combustion theory (physics chemistry) and in mathematical modeling.