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Author(s) Hu, B.L. (ed.)
Jacobson, T.A. (ed.)
Title Directions in General Relativity, Vol. II, Papers in Honor of Dieter Brill
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Paul Blaga

This is the second volume, dedicated to Dieter Brill, of the Symposium Directions in General Relativity, held in May 1993 at the University of Maryland in the honor of Professors Charles Misner and Dieter Brill to celebrate their sixtieth anniversary.

Dieter Brill is an important representant of the relativity community. He made essential contributions in the study of initial value problem, the positivity of energy and many other topics of general relativity and quantum theory. He also contributed to the clarification of some conceptual problems of this fascinating field of research.

As the first volume did, this one also include a wide class of contributions from classical general relativity, initial value problem and canonical methods, geometry and gauge fields, quantum theory a.o. The authors are among the best known experts in their fields, many of them being former students or collaborators of Professor Brill. The volume also include a curriculum vitae of Dieter Brill, the list of PhD thesis supervized by him and the list of his publications.

The book provides the reader with a very fresh look at the state ofthe art of modern general relativity. He could hardly find in other place such a great amount of informations on the latest achievements in several branches of relativity, as well as some indications on some possible new directions of research. It is to be highly recommended both to experts and graduate students.

I have to remark, as I did for the first volume, the excellent technical realization of the book. It is really a pleasure to look and to read.