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Author(s) Isidori, A. (ed.)
Tarn, T.J. (ed.)
Title Systems, Models and Feedback: Theory and Applications
Publisher Birkhauser
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Ilie Parpucea

This volume contains a set of papers, which are major contributions to System Theory. The papers contained in this book are divided into three groups. The first group is a set of papers dealing with applications of Systems and Control concepts. The second group of papers includes contributions in the area of Systems Theory. The third group collects those papers whose common focus is the design of Feedback control systems.

The book is a remarkable picture of how powerfully System and Control Theory has developed in last years.

The authors of papers of book are well-known researchers in the field of system Theory.

This book is a valuable collection of papers which most teachers of System Theory would like to have within reach