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Author(s) Dop, H. van (ed.)
Kallos, G. (ed.)
Title Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application IX
Publisher Plenum Press
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by J.G. Verwer

Many important environmental pollution problems experienced today require a comprehensive use and study of physical, chemical and mathematical models and of advanced simulation tools from the computer sciences. In particular the interest in air pollution modeling is growing steadily. This book shows this convincingly. It forms the Proceedings of the Nineteenth NATO/CCMS International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution Modelling and its Application, held September 29 - October 4, 1991, in Crete, Greece. At this meeting 118 selected papers and posters were presented divided over five modeling topics: (i) Model assessment and verification, (ii) Air pollution modeling in coastal areas with emphasis on the Mediterranean region, (iii) Accidental atmospheric releases, including warning systems and regulations, (iv) Modeling of global and long-range transport, and (v) New developments in turbulent diffusion. The number of papers published in this Proceedings amounts to 88.

The book is of primary interest for specialists in the field, as the majority of the papers are of a technical nature and assume knowledge of and inside in the physical and chemical properties of the models discussed. For applied mathematicians the book is also worthwile since it shows clearly the abundant use of results from applied mathematics and mathematical physics. For example, the subject index mentions advection schemes, boundary layer parameterization, convective and turbulent diffusion, large eddy simulation, Lagrangian Monte Carlo techniques, finite element-, finite difference- and spectral methods, turbulence statistics, etc. There a few papers which are of direct interest for numerical mathematicians. For example, an interesting one is 'Review of Numerical Approaches for Modeling Global Transport', by D.L. Williamson.

Recommended for researchers working cq. interested in the application of mathematics and mathematical physics.