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Author(s) O'Malley, Robert E. Jr. (ed.)
Title ICIAM 91; Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Publisher Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Doina TATAR

This volume contains the papers presented at the ICIAM 91 conference ,which took place July 8-12 1991 at Washington.

By its size and scope, the ICIAM 91 program reconfirmed the diversity of applied mathematics and demonstrated its extension into an ever growing number of disciplines.

The book contains 17 invited presentations and also lists the broad array of minisymposia, organized according to subject area.

The invited presentations are the following: l. "Dynamic energy minimization and phase transformations in solids" by J.M. Ball, 2. "Intermediate asymptotics in micromechanics" by G.I. Barenblatt, 3. "Computer vision: mathematics in computing" by M. Brady, 4. "Adapted wave form analysis" by R. Coifman, Y. Meyer and V. Wickerhauser, 5. "Large-scale nonlinear constrained optimization" by A.R. Conn, N. Gould and P. Toint, 6. "Time-splitting methods for advection-diffusion-reaction equations arising in contaminant transport" by C.N. Dawson and M.F. Wheeler, 7. "0n modulation equations of the Ginzburg-Landau type" by W. Eckhaus, 8. "Modelling the solidification of polymers: an example of an ECMI cooperation" by A. Fasano, 9. "Discrete mathematics in manufacturing" by M. Grotschel. 10. "Analysis of hypersonic flows in thermochemical equilibrum" by F. Chalot and T. Hughes, 11. "Interior-point methods in optimization" by N. Karmarkar, l2. "Viscozity solution and optimal control" by P.L. Lions, 13. "Dynamics of pattern, waves and interfaces from the reaction-diffusion aspect" by M. Mimura, 14. "Complex Pattern formation in embryology" by J.D. Murray. 15. "Trends in radar architectures " by G. Ruget, 16. "Massively parallel computing: status and prospects" by D.J. Wallace, 17. "Hierarchical bases" by H. Yserentant.

The part II of this book contains a number of minisymposia with organizers, papers and suggested reading.

The listing of conference attendees and authors finishes this volume.