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Author(s) Golez, Eric (ed.)
Martinez, Servet (ed.)
Title Statistical Physics,Automata Network and Dynamical Systems
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Doina TATAR

This volume grew out of courses given at the Second School on Statistical Physics and Cooperative Systems held at Santiago, Chile, lOth to 14th December 1990. This periodic school brings together scientists working on subjects related with non linear phenomena, dynamical systems, fractal structure, cellular automata, exclusion processes, and neural networks. This volume represents a wide range of interests as is reflected in the list of contributions:

1. "Regular and chaotic behaviour of dynamical systems" by P. Collet (the ideas on stability, elementary bifurcations and the period doubling road to turbulence are presented.) 2. "Shocks in the Burgers equation and the assymetric simple exclusion process" by P.A. Ferrari (This equation is analysed from a microscopial point of view as a limit of totally symmetric simple exclusion processes), 3. "Automata networks strategies for optimization problems", by E. Golez and S. Martinez (the relation between automata networks and optimization problems is studied), 4. "Two chosen examples for fractals: one deterministic, the other random" by H.H. Herrmann (The model for a dense packing of disks and of a probabilistic cellular automation is presented), 5. "A brief account of statistical theories of learning and generalization in neural network" by P. Peretto, M. Gordon, M. Rodriguez-Girones (Is a survey about neural networks in the framework of statistical physics), 6. "On the R.E.M. and G.R.E.M." by P. Picco (solvable models associated to spin glasses are presented).

Through the six surveys by leading scientists, the reader has the opportunity to learn a great deal about these topics.