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Author(s) Srivastava, H. M.
Buschman, P. G.
Title Theory and applications of convolution integral equations
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Ioan A. Rus

This book is volum 79 in the Klower series entitled Mathematics and Its Applications. It is an enlarged and updated version of the author's work: Convolution Integral Equations with Special Function Kernels (Wiley, 1977).

Following a preface and an introduction, the book consists of: (1) six chapters: Preliminaries on special function kernels, Basic properties and theorems, Methods and illustrative examples, Miscellaneous results and open questions, Equations of the second and other kinds, Convolutions over other intervals, (2) list of symbols, (3) inversion tables, (4) bibliography, (5) author index, (6) subject index.

From the topics of the book we mention the following: (1) a history of convolution integral equations, (2) classification of integral and integro-differential equations, (3) explicit solutions of integral equations, (4) open questions.

This book is clearly written and very well organized.

So, I recommend this book to teachers, researchers, and graduate students in the fields of mathematical and applied sciences.