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Author(s) Bensoussan, Alain
Prato, Giuseppe Da
Delfour, Michel C.
Mitter, Sanjoy K.
Title Representation and Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems, Vol. 1
Publisher Birkhäuser
Year of publication 1992
Reviewed by Vasile Postolica

This book is the first volume of the wonderful scientific cooperation between four authors from four different countries who met in Pisa, Paris, Montreal, and Cambridge concerning with the theory of time evolution of controlled infinite dimensional systems. It contains the semigroups theory of operators and interpolation (Chapter 1), the variational theory of parabolic systems (Chapter 2), semigroup methods for systems with unbounded control and observation operators (Chapter 3), and differential systems with delays (Chapter 4). The book includes a substantial bibliography based also on original results obtained by the authors in this field and an index of notations and concepts It should be very useful for mathmaticians and engineers interested in modelling and representation of infinite-dimensional systems.