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Author(s) Rodrigues, J.F. (ed.)
Title Mathematical Models for Phase Change Problems
Publisher ?
Year of publication 1989
Reviewed by Vasile Postolica

This book is a collection of twenty original research works in mathematical modelling of the behaviour of materials with phase change. These papers were presented in the Workshop held at Obidos, Portugal during the first three days of October 1988, giving emphasis to the different abilities and mathematical experiences of the following six participating groups: University of Augsburg, Thessaloniki, Florence, Lisbon, Oxford and the Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussées of Paris. In the book we find studies based on mathematical models arising in applied engineering problems with free boundaries in a broad sense, namely in melting and freezing problems, diffusion-reaction processes, solid-solid phase transition, hysteresis phenomena, "mushy region" descriptions, contact problems with friction and/or adhesion, elastoplastic deformations, and so on. Thanks to its content, this proceedings volume is a good source of information for mathematicians, gruaduate students, researchers, and for anyone who is interested to link pure mathematics with applied mathematics in the field of phase change problems using mathematical modelling.