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Author(s) Bellman, Richard E.
Roth, Robert S.
Title Methods in Approximation
Publisher D. Reidel Publishing Company
Year of publication 1986
Reviewed by Mihai Postolache

This book contains the fundaments of the approximation theory (polinomial approximation, splines) as well as modern techniques of approximation, e.g. finite element method. The notions gradualy introduced, the numerical treatment of physical and mechanical examples (e.g. damped oscillations) recommended this book as an useful instrument of work for researchers and teachers. This book can also useful for the students interested in studying the numerical methods of differential and partial equations.

The book is clearly written, standard terminology is used. Therefore I consider inspired the publication of this book. The references and the comments at the end of each chapter offer the reader a direct acces to the author's sources of information. The table of contents is enough detailed.

The way nonlinear equations are discussed in this book deserves a special mention. Other elements of the approximation theory may be found in P.M. Prenter, "Splines and Variational Methods," Wiley, 1975.

"Methods in Approximation" is a book which shall not be absent from anyone's library (if interested in Numerical Analysis) and also from libraries of mathematical colleges or technical institutes.

Through its content concerning the field of approximation theory, the book is a reference one, and the reader should pay no attention to the few graphical omissions of this edition (on p.4, on p.41, on p.77)