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Author(s) Butkovskiy, Anatoliy G.
Title Phase Portraits of Control Dynamical Systems
Publisher Kluwer
Year of publication 1991
Reviewed by Cerasela Postolache

The concept of dynamical system occurs in discipliner ranging from physics - in connection, for example, with the magnetic field behaviour - to biology (example the interaction processes). The portrait in the space phase is important since it can give a description of some characteristic properties.

This volume is a lucid presentation of the fundamentals governing the qualitative theory of control dynamical systems providing the background in order to understand end the importance of the space phase. The geometrical approach used in this book found various applications and connections with the Finslerian geometry, optical physics, classical and quantum mechanics.

Organized in forty small sections, an introduction and a comprehensive bibliography this is an introductory text to the subject and is designed for the general student with a sound background in mathematics and rather for mathematically inclined engineers. A knowledge of calculus is assumed, and an introductory course in differential equations is advantageous.

I consider this book well produced and the reader should pay not attention to the few graphical omissions of this edition (e.g. on p.51 "diffeential", on p.56, Fig. 17.1 maybe is written in Russian (?!) etc.).