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Author(s) Brass, H. (ed.)
Hämmerlin, G. (ed.)
Title Numerical Integration IV
Publisher Birkhäuser
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Mihai Postolache

This volume provides the proceedings of the Conference organized at the Mathematical Research Institute from Oberwolfach, November 8-14, 1992. The book exhibits the papers together proofs and references.

Numerical Integration IV is a graduate level book for scientists or researchers containing subtopics about multivariate numerical integration, cubature formulae of trigonometric degree with the lowest possible number of points, Gaussian quadrature formulae containing preassigned nodes and Gaussian rules for rational functions as well as for splines, singularities treatment, numerical multiple integration, error estimates for quadrature formulas, Monte Carlo-type methods, open problems etc. The book can be used with advantage by prospective mathematicians from universities and, perhaps, by mathematically inclined engineers.

Intended to attract readers interested both in theory and applications the book contains modern topics such that numerical examples, error estimation, convergence analysis and emphasizes connections in physics, differential equations, real and complex analysis. Examples and carefully plotted pictures, illustrate the ideas and the concepts. This research level book is very well written all concepts being clearly presented. No index, but the table of contents is enough detailed. The stated results include complete proofs but there are cases when the reader is counselled to use the bibliography.

This material provides original research papers some of these having survey-type character. The book being very high specialized is designed mainly for the institutional market and for individuals seriously interested in the topic. Reading calls for acquaintance with elements of calculus.