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Author(s) Kraut, R. (ed.)
Title The Cambridge Companion to Plato
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Mirela Stefanescu

This volume contains fifteen essays written by an international team of scholars about Plato, the head of our philosophical tradition. One can say that Plato "invented" philosophy as a distinct topic, putting together the most important subjects of human thinking.

We quote the title of the essays togethe.- with their authors: R. Kraut - Introduction to the study of Plato; T.H. Irwin - Plato: The intellectual background; Leonard Brandwood - Stylometry and chronology; Terry Penner - Socrates and the early dialogues; Jan Mueller - Mathematical method and philosophical truth; Gail Fine - Inquiry in the Meno; Michael L. Morgan - Plato and Greek religion; G.R.F.Ferrari - Platonic love; Nicholas P. White - Plato’s metaphysical epistemology; R. Kraut - The defence of Justice in Plato's Republik; Elizabeth Asmis - Plato on poetic creativity; Constance C. Meinwald - Good-bye to the Third Man; Michael Frede - Plato's Sophist on false statements; Dorothea Frede - Disintegration and restoration: Pleasure and pain in Plato Philebus; Trevor J. Saunders - Plato's later political thought.

In all, the book is a convenient guide to Plato's works for nonspecialists, being a conspectus of recent developments in the interpretation of Plato for specialists.

The paper used is wonderful and so is the cover and many of pages when one reads their content.