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Author(s) Laine, A. (ed.)
Title Wavelet theory and application
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Frantisek Vcelar,

This book, which appears as a special issue of the Journal for Mathematical Imaging and Vision, is constituted by seven edited research papers concerned with applications of wavelets. They focus on three general areas, namely, image compression techniques, mathematical models and formulation, and applications in medical imaging and target recognition.

The papers are: G. Aharoni, A. Averbuch, R. Coifman, M. Israeli, Local cosine transform - A method for reduction of the blocking effect in JPEG; B. D. Jawerth, M. L. Hilton, T. L. Huntsberger, Local enhancement of compressed images; J. Segman, Y. Y. Zeevi, Image analysis by wavelet-type transforms: Group theoretic approach; J. Segman, W. Schempp, Two ways to incorporate scale in the Heisenberg group with an intertwining operator; H. Zhu, G. X. Ritter, The generalized matrix product and the wavelet transform; F. Peyrin, M. Zaim, R. Goutte, Construction of wavelet decompositions for tomographic images; and P. Moulin, A wavelet regularization method for diffuse radar-target imaging and speckle-noise reduction.

The expositions are well-written and interesting, and they are accompanied by a lot of pictures, diagrams and graphs illustrating the effectivity of various image processing techniques etc. The book is nicely typeset, and has a short index.

Wavelet theory is nowadays at a stage of a really rapid development, with a broad spectrum of applications in diverse areas, where important research is going on and which attracts a lot of interest. For this reason, publishment of volumes like the present one is a good and well-timed idea. The book will make a worthy addition to the library of anyone who is seriously interested in wavelets.