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Author(s) Gheondea, A.
Timotin, D.
Vasileacu, F.-H.
Title Operator Extensions, Interpolation of Functions and Related Topics
Publisher Birkhäuser Verlag
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by S. Cobzas

These are the Proceedings of the 14th Conference on Operator Theory held between June 1st and June 5th 1992 at the University of Timisoara. These Conferences were organized ainco 1976 by the Istitute of Mathematics of the Romanian Academy and the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Timisoara. Since 1980 their proceedings were published by Birkhäuser Verlag in the series Operator Theory, Advances and Applications, edited by Israel Gohberg.

This Conference benefited also from the generous support of the Soros Foundation for an Open Society and was attended by 58 mathematicians from Romania and abroad, eminent specialists in the field. The abstracts of the 36 talks given at the Conforence, on various aspects of operator theory and its applications to complex function theory, differential equations, mathematical physics, system theory etc., were collected in the Conference Report, published by the University of Timisoara.

The present volume contains a careful selection of 14 papers from the contributed papers at the Conference. A good ideea of their contents can be obtained fron the list of their headings: D. Alpay a.o., On Some Operator Colligations and Associated Reproducing Kernel Spaces; J. Brasche a.o., On the Spectra of Selfadjoint Differential Operators; A. Dijksma a.o., The Commutant Lifting Theorem for Contractions on Krein Spaces; M.A. Dritschel, A Method for Constructing Invariant Subspaces for Some Operators on Krein Spaces; T. Furuta Applications of the Furuta Inequality to Operator Inequalities and Norm Inequalities Preserving some Orders; A. Gheondea, Quasi-contractions on Krein Spaces; S. Hassi and E. Nordstroem, Antitonicity of the Inverse and J-Contractivity; M.D. Morán, Unitary Extensions of a System of Commuting Isometric Operators; A.A. Nudelman, Some Generalizations of Classical Interpolation Problems; I. Suciu, The Kobayashi Distance between two Contractions; L. Waelbroek, The Category of Quotient Bornological Spaces.

All the papers included in this volume contain important contributions to Operator Theory and its Applications and undoubtely, will become an indispensable tool for all people working in this domain.

The volume appears in excellent typographical conditions, being printed on acid-free paper from the camera-ready copies preparated by the editors.