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Author(s) Alexandrov, V.V.
Gorsky, N.D.
Title Image representation and processing
Publisher Kluwer Acad. Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Balan Vladimir

Recently, much attention has been paid to image processing with multiresolution and hierarchical structures (like pyramids and trees). The present volume deals with recursive pyramids, which combine the advantages of available multiresolution structures and which are convenient both for global and local image processing. The major aspects of this book are two original mathematical models of greyscale and binary images represented by recursive structures; using these models, are described image compression, transmission and processing. The volume contains applications which include optical character recognition, expert systems and special computer architecture for pictorial data processing. The majority of the results are presented as algorithms applicable to discrete information fields of arbitrary dimension (including 2-D and 3-D image cases).

The book is of post-graduate level, is written in a discursive manner, incorporates images and diagrams, and concludes with a comprehensive bibliography containing more than 150 titles.

It addresses to applied mathematicians and computer scientists whose work involves computer vision, information theory and other aspects of image representation techniques. Its purchasing is recommended to individuals, as well as to libraries.