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Other writings
  1. Present day mathematics (a sketch of the situation with suggestions), 1983.
  2. Over Wiskunde en Informatica: Betekenis en toekomst, 1983.
  3. Integreerbare systemen. Voorstel voor een interuniversitair multi-onderzoeksproject in het kader van het samenwerkingsverband "Theoretische Natuurkunde en Wiskunde", december 1984.
  4. Proposal for a NATO--ASI in 1986 on "Deformation theory of algebras and applications", 14 pp. Febr. 1985.
  5. Preface to the special issue 4 :2 of Acta Appl. Math. on "Mathematics in biology" (with G. Koch).
  6. "Treasurer expert systems". Aanvrage voor een STW subsidie.
  7. (Autocatalyse aanvragen).
  8. Preface Acta Math. Appl. Sinica, Vol. 2. 1
  9. Preface book "Bifurcation Analysis: principles, applications, synthesis", Reidel Publ. Cy., 1985. (with R. Jurcovic, J.H.C. Paelinck).
  10. Preface book "Stochastic systems: the mathematics of filtering and identification and applications", Reidel Publ. Cy. (with J.C. Willems).
  11. Preface book "Current developments in the interface economics, econometries, mathematics, Reidel Publ. Cy. 1982. (with A.H.G. Rinnooy Kan).
  12. Tekst verwerkingsproblemen voor de wetenschapper, Proof, Dec. 1986, 9--14.
  13. Abstracte modellen, NRC--Handelsblad, 28 april 1986.
  14. Proposal for ESMI, 1985.
  15. Preface book "Proceeding European Symposium on Mathematics in Industry" CWI, Amsterdam, 30 Oct. -- 1 Nov. 1985, Teubner Publ. Cy., Reidel Publ. Cy., 1987.
  16. Technical word processing and Euromath (AUC Lecture Pisa 1987), Wheels of the mind, Sept. 1987, 15--20.
  17. Preface book `Stochastic processes in physics and engineering', Reidel, 1988.
  18. ECMI thoughts. In Proc. ESMI (cf. A15).
  19. The European Consortium for Math. in Industry, In Proc. ESMI (cf. A15).
  20. Preface book `Algebraic and geometric methods in nonlinear control theory' (with M. Fliess), Reidel Publ. Cy. 1986.
  21. Message from a departed president, ECMI Newsletter #3, April 1988.
  22. Preface double special issue AAM "Topics in computational algebra", Oct. 1990.
  23. Preface to the two Fomenko articles in AAM 17:3 (1989), 201--203.
  24. Chart and web of mathematics, draft research and development proposal, January 1992, 26 pp.
  25. Knopen, artikel met H. Nieuwland, NRC December 1990.
  26. Transparante wiskunde (in een ordelijke wereld), 27.2.92. Unpublished reaction to the report `Wiskunde in beweging'.
  27. Fractal dynamics. Research proposal, February 1992.
  28. Hyperalgebra, 28.4.92. For Handbook of Algebra newsletter #2.
  29. Crystallographic examination of stone walls, In: Jan en Alleman, Liber amicorum J. Nuis, CWI, 1992, 57.
  30. Report ECM 1992, Paris, July 1992.
  31. 70 new articles for the Encyclopaedia of mathematics, 1988--1992: Bundle; Conductor of an Abelian extension; Form of an (algebraic) structure; Free ideal ring; Glueing; Integration on manifolds; Intersection homology; Koszul complex; lambda-ring; m-dependent process; Mackey intertwining number theorem; Majorization ordering; Minor of a graph; Multiplicative ergodic theorem; Multiplicity of a module; Net (in finite geometry); Neumann delta-overbar-problem; Nil ideal; Normal ring; Partial differential equations on a manifold; Paving; Poincaré-Dulac theorem; Poiseuille flow; Polar space; Polynomial and exponential growth in groups and algebras; Projective covering; Pseudo-quadratic form; Quadrangle; Ravine function; Reduced norm; Regularization of sequences; Ring with divided powers; Rotation number; Schur index; Schur ring; Semi-algebraic set; Serial subgroup; Stopping time; Strong topology; Sylow basis; Symplectic geometry; System of subvarieties; Tangent vector; Tarski problem; Three series theorem; Tight measure; Torsion submodule; Translation-invariant metric; Trotter product formula; Tsirelson space; Unimodular element; Unimodular lattice; Vague topology; van der Waerden theorem; Viscosity; Volume form; Watson lemma; Wavelet analysis; Well-founded relation; Whitney extension theorem; Wick product; Wiener chaos decomposition; Winding number; Witt algebra; Writhing number; Yang--Baxter equation; Yosida representation theorem; Young subgroup; Zassenhaus formula.
  32. Symmetrie en chaos, CWI, 1983.
  33. WIT, Wetenschappelijke Informatie Technologie, Research proposal, 15 februari 1995.
  34. BUC'M, Bottom-Up Classification in Mathematics, Research proposal, June 1994.
  35. WANDA, a proposal for research in wavelets (with Nico M Temme), Jan. 1993.
  36. . Generalized function algebras. Proposal for a NATO ARW, 26pp., March 1993.
  37. (with Jan van Eijck) Concept building from Key phrases in Scientific Documents. Research proposal to the CWI, 21 Aug. 1995.
  38. Overlapping thesauri in Science. Research proposal to the "Stichting Physica", 25 August 1995,.
  39. FIST, Finding information in science. Research proposal to NWO/GBE, 28 August 1995.
  40. (with Stijn van Dongen, Harry Bego) Preface to the Index of Volumes 101-150 of Theoretical Computer Science, Ther. Comp. Sci. 150 (1995), 195-196.
  41. INTAS proposal 96-794. Regenerative analysis of reliability problems and statistics of weak regnerative queueing processes.
  42. INTAS proposal 96-800. Algorithmic methods in variational problems and topology.
  43. INTAS proposal 96-0793. Symmetry and cohomology approach to equations of mechanics and mathematical physics.
  44. INTAS proposal 96-741. English-Russian enriched thesaurus in mathematics.
  45. Proposal to DG XIII, COMMEDIANT: Comprehensive Multilingual Dictionary and Thesaurus in mathematics and computer science.
  46. Proposal to BMBF (Bonnn), COMACS: Comprehensive mathematics and computer science on the web. Entiwicklung des elektronisches Informationsnetzes. (Together with R V Gamkrelidze, D Pallaschke, G Hotz)
  47. 48 articles for Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Vol. 11 (Update volume I), KAP, 1997: Abelian number field; Absolute Cesaro summability; Accuracy; Active constraint; Aliquot sequence; Artin--Schreier theory; Assignment problem; Binary tree; Cauchy--Riemann equations; Centroid; Chebyshev series; Bodenmiller theorem; Borsuk fixed point theorem; Branch-and-bound algorithm; Closure space; Constrained optimization theorem; Convection equations; Defective matrix; Dirichlet boundary conditions; Fermat equations; Flatness theorem; Free magma; Guass-Lucas theorem; Greedy algorithm; Intercept; Kernel of a matrix; Kirillov conjecture; Kullback--Leibler information; Lagrangean relaxation; Laplace--Stieltjes transform; Leibniz--Hopf algebra; Lenstra polynomial--time algorithm; Lie polynomial; Lorenz equations; Magma; Mixed integer programming problem; Passive constraint; Poincare--Hopf theorem; Primitive element in a Lie algebra; Prüfer domain; Pythagorean theorem, multidimensional; Riemann boundary value problem; Search algorithm; Shuffle algebra; Slack variable; Steiner tree problem; Stream fucntion; Totient function.
  48. INTAS proposal 97-809. Regenerative and weak-regenerative techniques: analyis and efficient simulation, March 1998.
  49. INTAS proposal 97-805. A course in modern linguistics, March 1998.
  50. INTAS proposal 97-806. Thesaurus of the Georgian language, March 1998.
  51. INTAS proposal 97-807. Rare events analysis for stochastic models and applications, March 1998.
  52. INTAS proposal 97-804. NUmerical analysis of local and global bifurcations in ordinary differential equations, March 1998.
  53. INTAS proposal 97-808. Algorithmic methods in variational problems, topology, and group theory, March 1998.
  54. Russian-Dutch research cooperation 1999 proposal: Application of algebraic and geometric methods to analysis and nonlinear systems, April 1999.
  55. Russian-Dutch research cooperation 1999 proposal: Bilingual entiched thesaurus in mathematics, April 1999 (preliminary version), August 1999 (full version).
  56. INTAS proposal Thesaurus of the Georgian language (new version of A51), 31 August 1999.
  57. Proposal to KNAW for an Academy colloquium in November 2000 (with B Hanzon).
  58. On indexes, thesauri, and linking structures. The variable value of information and the idea of an atlas of science and technology. Discussion paper.
  59. 35 articles for Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Volume 12 (= Supplement II), KAP, 2000: Abhyankar-Moh theorem, Additive class of sets, Bohr-Mollerup theorem, Contractible space, Core of a subgroup, Cyclic vector, Dedekind theorem, Delm invariant, Deep hole in a lattice, Dimension of a partially ordered set, Disjoint sum of partially ordered sets, Eilenberg-Moore algebra, Euler means, Field of sets, Frobenius matrix, Frobenius number, Googal, Hilbrert problems, Interval order, Makespan, Matrix factorization, Matrix Viete theorem, Montmort matching problem, Natural selection in search and computation, Non-derogatory matrix, p-part of a group element of finite order, Positive definite function on a group, quasi-symmetric function, ring of sets, schlicht function, secretary problem, Titchmarsch convolution theorem, Tschirnhausen transformation, von Mises distribution.
  60. 4 proposals to INTAS: Stochastic dynamical systems; English-Russian enriched thesaurus in mathematics II; Symmetry and cohomological methods II; Thesaurus of the Georgian language (second revision), 27 March 2000. None funded.
  61. 37 articles for Supplement III Encyclopaedia of Mathematics (= Volume 13): Acnode, Almost-split sequence, Arithmetic-geometric means process, Beurling theorem, Cake-cutting problem, Chebotarev density theorem, Consecutive k out of n system, F-system, Denjoy-Perron integral, Dijkstra algorithm, Dirichlet density, Domain (in ring theory), FG Group, Flecnode, Fourier-Haar series, Frobenius matrix norm, Fl1I1Cl11011 vanishing at infinity, Hecke operator, Hilbert infinite hotel, Isogonal, Knapsack problem, Leibniz Hopf algebra and quasisyrnmetric functions, Regular group, Riesz decomposition property, Riesz operator, Riesz decomposition theorem, Schroeder functional equation, Segre characteristic of a square matrix, Smarandache function, Spanier-Whitehead duality, Strongly countable complete topological space, System of parameters of a module over a local ring, Triangle centre, Vapnik-Chernovenki dimension, Varignon parallellogram, Window function, Wittenbauer theorem. In: Encyclopaedea of Mathematics Supplement III (= Volume 13), KAP, 2001.
  62. (with J Davenport a.o.), Proposal to FP5 (last call of November 2001), MKM network. Funded.
  63. Final report INTAS 96-793 (see 43), May 2001.
  64. Final report INTAS 96-800 (see 42), May 2001.
  65. Final report INTAS 97-804 (see 52), November 2002.
  66. Final report INTAS 97-808 (see 53), November 2002.
  67. Proposal to INTAS (with I Krasilshchik a.o.), June 2003.
Book reviews

(Still to be collected about 45 reviews in `Mededelingen WG' (41), The Economist (2), European J. Oper. Res. (1), Jahresbericht DMV (1))

  1. Idiosyncractic remarks by a bibliomaniac, Acta Appl. Math. 1:3 (1983), 315--318.
  2. Idiosyncractic remarks by a bibliomaniac 2: Contrasts in publishing and markets, Acta Appl. Math. 7:3 (1986), 313--320.
  3. Review of K. Iwasawa, Local class field theory and J. Neukirch, Class field theory. Bull. AMS, 1989, 95--101.
  4. Idiosyncratic remarks by a bibliomaniac: 5. A random sample of structured chaos, Acta Appl. Math. 13:13 (1988), 203--219.
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  7. Review of E Weisstein, CRC concise encyclopaedia of mathematics, 27 March 2000. Preprint only.
  8. Review of D van Dalen, Mystic, geometer, and intuitionist. The life of L E J Brouwer. Volume 1: the dawning revolution, Oxford Univ. Press, 1999. To appear Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde.
  9. Review of M Giaquinta, G Modica, V Soucek, Cartesian currents in the calculus of variations, Volume I: Cartesian currents; Volume II: Variational integrals, Springer, Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde (5) 4:1 (2003), 87.
  10. Review of Graham Everest, Thomas Ward, Height of polynomials and entropy of dynamical systems, Springer, Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, ?? (2003),.
  11. Review of B Yandell, The honours class, A K Peters, 2002. In: History of Plilosophy and Logic 23 (2002), 294-296.
  12. Idiosyncratic remarks by a bibliomaniac 7: Semipopular mathmatics, Acta Appl. Math. 74 (2002), 113-116.

Russian to English

  1. A.A. Kirillov, M.I. Golenisheva--Kutuzova, Geometry of moments for diffeomorphism groups, Keldysh Inst. preprint, 1987.
  2. Yu.I. Manin, Book Review of J. Lepowsky a.o., Vertex operators in mathematics and physics, Acta Appl. Math. 8 (1987), 322--324.
  3. Yu.I. Manin, Cubic forms: algebra, geometry, arithmetic, North Holland, 1974, 297 pp.
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  5. (with M Tsaplina) A T Fomenko, S V Matveev, Algorithmic and computer methods for three-manifolds, KAP, 1997.

French to English

  1. M. Bret, Synthesis of images, KAP, 1990.