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Author(s) Bamon, R. (ed.)
Labarca, R. (ed.)
Lewowicz, J. (ed.)
Palis, J. (ed.)
Title Dynamical Systems
Publisher Longman Scientific and Technical
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Paul A. Blaga

This book contains the proceedings of the third International School of Dynamical Systems, held at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile in 1990. The papers included are strongly related to the most important topics in dynamical systems e.g. ergodic theory, stability, foliations, Poisson brackets, polynomial vector fields, fractal dimensions, expansive maps a.o. The book ends with a short course (about 100 pages) in ergodic theory of plane biliards, given by R. Markarian. The list of authors includes several remarkable Latin American experts in the field, but, also, many graduates and young scientists from the same geographical area. There are given large reference lists after each paper, but the book doesn't have any subject index.

The book is well realised from the graphical point of view, although, being produced from camera ready material, is not untar. It is very interesting and there are included many new results, belonging to the authors, as well as excellent written review papers, and it is to be recommended to researchers and graduate students in mathematics or physics interested in dynamical systems. Especially the libraries are adviced to purchase this book.