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Author(s) Beyer, William H.
Title CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae (29th Edition)
Publisher CRC Press
Year of publication 1991
Reviewed by Cristina Blaga

The book under review is a revised edition of a well known handbook, including the most necessary formulae and mathematical data for today's scientific use. The fourteen chapters of the book are dealing with: constants and conversion, algebra, combinatorial analysis, geometry, trigonometry, logarithmic, exponential and hyperbolic functions, analytic geometry, calculus, differential equations, linear algebra, vector calculus, special functions, numerical methods, probability andd statistics and financial tables.

There is no doubt that such a kind of book is extremely useful, if not necessary, in the everyday life of most of us, no matter if we are mathematicians or not. In particular, this book is to be recommended, for several reasons, but first of all for the way the editor has chosen the formulae and fine tables to be included. As features, I should remind that the book contains an expanded section of logic, a section of lonumerical methods and, also, of numerical linear algebra. The financial tables will prove to us very useful for economists. The book has an appendix including a list of mathematical symbols and notations. I consider that this handbook can compete with any other book of the same kind, including the excellent "Hanabook of Mathematical Functions" by Abramowicz and Stegun (National Bureau of Standards, Washington, 1964).

The book is in excellent graphical conditions, has an index, but has no list of references (although references are made within the book, at footnotes).