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Author(s) Wen, Guo Chun
Begehr, Heinrich G.W.
Title Boundary Value Problems for Elliptic Equations and Systems
Publisher Longman Scientific and Technical
Year of publication 1990
Reviewed by Ioan A. Rus

The theory of linear elliptic systems of two first order equations is very well developed and very well known (see Bers 1, Vekua 7, Gakhov 4, Gilberg 5, Bicadze 2, ...). The book under review deals with various boundary value problems for nonlinear elliptic systems of first and second order. The chapters of the book are the following: Boundary value problems for simple complex equations, Boundary value problems for elliptic complex equations of first order, Boundary value problems for elliptic equations of second order, Boundary value problems with piecewise continuous coefficients for elliptic equations and systems, Boundary value problems for elliptic systems of two second order equations, Boundary value problems for elliptic systems of several equations. The book contains an extensive list of references as well as detailed historical comments.

Most of the results of this book are given by the first named author and some of them are published here for the first time. Among the methods used in the book are:

(i) Transformation of the real equations into the complex forms.

(ii) Integral representation of the solutions.

(iii) Extremum principles (see Protter-Weinberger 6 for the real case).

(iv) Apriori extimates for solutions

(v) The method of continuity (see Dugundji-Granas 3).

(vi) Fixed point technique (see Dugundji-Granas 3).

This book is a research monograph written for people who already have some understanding of the field. According its originality and style I recommend this book to all interested in the theory of partial differential equations.


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