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Author(s) Tichy, Milik
Title Applied Methods of Structural Reliability
Publisher Kluwer Academic Publishers
Year of publication 1993
Reviewed by Viorica-Cerasela Postolache

Applied Methods of Structural Reliability is an introductory survey for college or technical university students. It is suitable for a beginning course on reliability theory covering elementary notions about structures and loads, reliability requirements from physical and probabilistic point of view, methods to compute failure characteristics, reliability parameters, various methods to compute reliability, the reliability from engineering point of view etc. The material is organized so as to introduce as soon as possible these concepts. Containing a thorough treatment of elementary reliability concepts, the book can be used with advantage by prospective engineers of technical schools.

This volume includes sixteen chapters, four appendices, preface, an index of key terms, table of contents aufficiently detailed and a comprehensive bibliography. The appendices deal with: the lognormal distribution, beta-4 probability paper, a summary of notations, and references.

Intended to attract readers interested both in theory and applications the book furnishes many worked examples for almost every section. The examples allow the reader to understand some results. This elementary level book is written for mathematically inclined engineers, research scientists interested in reliability theory.

In my opinion, this material provides a good introduction to the stated subject but is very expensive with respect to its contents. Also, there are another good books which deal with the same concepts. The book being an elementary one is designed mainly for the individuals interested in the topic. Reading calls for acquaintance with the elements of probability theory.